Byte Cookies – Digital Solutions Provider
We at Byte Cookies believe in creating websites that fuse high-end technologies with intrinsic properties of an online presence such as user-friendliness, compatibility and navigability. After intellectually bombarding you with adjectives and their noun forms, all we have to say is that we specialise in building concept-centric and result-driven web identities that are crucial to a business’s online success. Byte Cookies is your neighbourhood-friendly geeky digital nut who can help your business acquire a digital twang that actually ‘works’ towards ensuring a beneficial ROI. No, we don’t fix laptops; unless, you are ready to trade with your Star Wars merchandise.
For an Ecommerce website like ours, user-friendliness and accessibility are game changers. And that’s precisely what Byte Cookies gave us. JewelFunk, an e-retailer of jewelry, is quick and efficient; the collections are well displayed as well. I wish the team of Byte Cookies luck for all their future endeavours.
-Mr. Kiran Soni, Director, JewelFunk
Understanding our niche and creating a blog that would mirror all those features beautifully, only the team at Byte Cookies could have done justice to it.
-Ms. Sweta M. Nair, Assistant Editor, Unhooked
Byte Cookies has been able to create an online brand identity for Little Lacy, which falls in line with its physical image. The website is nonetheless beautiful, delicate and presents our collection in an appealing format. Thanks guys!
-Mr. Rajeev Padwal, Owner, Little Lacy (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Creating a stunning website should never be like the game we played in birthday parties. We at Byte Cookies possess the technical knowledge of giving your business its online twang. Backing functionality with great concepts and content, that’s our forte. So while you enjoy the game, we’ll create your online identity
Fortunately, Digital Marketing is not similar to bait fishing. Before rolling out digital solutions, we at Byte Cookies conduct a thorough research to understand your brand and its fish (target audience). To avoid ‘a hook in the mouth’ situation, we provide appropriate solutions and methods that fall under the gamut of our digital experts.
Mobile engages more people every day than any other consumer device. Market your brand through this device by strategizing exercises that are functional, productive and fun. After understanding user behavior, our team will create messages and applications for developing mobile campaigns that will be suitable for your brand.